"[O]bserve that in all the propaganda of the ecologists-amidst all their appeals to nature and pleas for "harmony with nature"-there is no discussion of man's needs and the requirements of his survival. Man is treated as if he were an unnatural phenomenon. Man cannot survive in the kind of state of nature that the ecologists envision-i.e., on the level of sea urchins or polar bears. . . .

In order to survive, man has to discover and produce everything he needs, which means that he has to alter his background and adapt it to his needs. Nature has not equipped him for adapting himself to his background in the manner of animals. From the most primitive cultures to the most advanced civilizations, man has had to manufacture things; his well-being depends on his success at production. The lowest human tribe cannot survive without that alleged source of pollution: fire. It is not merely symbolic that fire was the property of the gods which Prometheus brought to man. The ecologists are the new vultures swarming to extinguish that fire."

[Ayn Rand (1971), "The Anti-Industrial Revolution," Return of the Primitive, 277.]

If you consider, not merely the length, but the kind of life men have to lead in the undeveloped parts of the world-"the quality of life," to borrow, with full meaning, the ecologists' meaningless catch phrase-if you consider the squalor, the misery, the helplessness, the fear, the unspeakably hard labor, the festering diseases, the plagues, the starvation, you will begin to appreciate the role of technology in man's existence.

Make no mistake about it: it is technology and progress that the nature-lovers are out to destroy. To quote again form the Newsweek survey: "What worries ecologists is that people now upset about the environment may ultimately look to technology to solve everything. . ." This is repeated over and over again; technological solutions, they claim, will merely create new problems.

[(1971) "The Anti-Industrial Revolution," Return of the Primitive, 279.]

Postat av: Anna

Hej Johan. jag kikade runt i din blogg tidigare idag och tycker att du har många bra syndpunker kring miljö. Nu förstår jag att du är 22 men jag tänkte att jag iaf kanske kan vända mig till dig. Vi letar miljöengagerade undomar i göteborgsområdet i åldrarna 17-19 som kan vara intresserade av att skriva för göteborgsposten. Om du har något tips var jag kan hitta undomar med sådana intressen vore jag väldigt tacksam. Detta är bara en chansning men jag tänkte att du verkar vara någon som kan ha koll på detta. Med hopp om ett positivt svar. Anna Johnsson.

2007-10-23 @ 14:26:49

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