Dr Patrick Moore om kärnkraft och miljöföreningar

Patrick Moore har mycket intressant att säga. Han var en av grundarna för Greenpeace och var ordförande för Greenpeace i Kanada i 9 år och för Greenpeace internationellt i 7 år. Nu är han däremot eco judas i greenpeace ögon eftersom han bytt attityd till många saker, bland annat kärnkraft.

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About us

We are a Finnish company with offices in Uruguay, which are located on the banks of the Uruguay River, this being a river with shared sovereignty with Argentina. We produce cellulose pulp and, to this aim, we resort to freshwater, which is the property of both South American countries above mentioned.

The strategic location of our offices will enable us to have at our disposal 80 million liters of water per day, having the opportunity to freely export 10% of this water (integrated into the cellulose pulp) without paying a single dollar for it, and to return its remainder to the Uruguay River, at high temperatures and totally polluted.

Moreover, we will make use of thousands of hectares of eucalyptus plantations (a monoculture that has been rejected by First World countries), from which we will greatly profit given its fast growth rate and low production costs. This is allowed, in turn, by the precarious conditions of employment, the few positions created for it, and the political and trade union permissiveness that characterize this thriving industry.

As chairman of Botnia, I am proud to say that the total of the cellulose pulp produced at Botnia Fray Bentos will never be used in Latin America, since it will be exported through a Free Trade Zone (we will not be paying taxes of any kind) to countries of the First World that produce the paper (the less pollutant stage in this industry). By the way, these countries have very strict laws regarding environmental care and, since we won?t tolerate any further pollution in our developed countries, we are happy to have the chance to export all dirty industries to the underdeveloped world.

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