Uranbrytning skadar alltid urbefolkningar, eller?

Canadian Inuit group issues uranium policy

Man hör ofta att de stackars abogirinerna(vet ej hur det stavas uppenbarligen), indianerna ect lider av uranbrytning *snyft snyft*. Men Inuiterna verkar tycka det är toppen iallafall.

James Eetoolook, first vice-president of NTI, said, "After several months of careful consultation with communities and various Inuit organizations and regulatory agencies, the NTI board of directors reviewed the policy concerning uranium mining and made a decision to approve it." The policy states that "NTI recognizes that nuclear power will continue to be important as a global source of electricity for many years to come" and that NTI supports the mining of uranium in Nunavut "to help satisfy the global demand for electricity."


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